Baywest Manufacturing Inc (formerly Big Foot Manufacturing Inc) , located in British Columbia, Canada, is looking for Dealers, Construction or log home businesses who are interested in selling our log home and timber frame home packages. Our ideal business relationships would be log home builders or companies with an established construction business in a local market that are interested in expanding their product line to include our high-quality milled log homes and timber frame homes.

Sell the Best Log and Timber Homes Backed by Superior Customer Service

The high quality and customer service standards of Baywest Manufacturing Inc. are well known in the marketplace. Outstanding processing techniques and quality controls, combined with more than 20 years of experience in shipping more than 6,000 homes to the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, make Baywest’s log and timber frame homes unmatched in the industry. Our mill in British Columbia employs woodcrafters who have built distinguished log homes, log cabins and timber frame homes for markets around the world.

The employees of Baywest have the experience to help you build a successful log home, log cabin and timber frame home business. Our product provides modern-day nature lovers with well-constructed homes made with carefully selected materials.

Solid Support System to Help You Grow a Log Home, Log Cabin and Timber Frame Construction Business

We believe that your success complements our success. We offer a variety of support services to help you grow your log and timber frame home distribution business. We support our dealers and distributors by providing:

  • Custom work
  • Expert staff to answer questions
  • Shipping expertise
  • Care and maintenance information

Baywest’s Core Business Values

Baywest defines its Core Values as:

  • Integrity in all operational relationships and processes
  • Quality of its end products and operational and management processes
  • Respect for people and the environment
  • Progressiveness by the addition of new or improvement of existing products or processes
  • Safety for our employees
  • Profit as an essential element of success for the company, employees and our business partners

Baywest Manufacturing Inc is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, the Log Home Council, the International Log Builders’ Association and the British Columbia Log & Timber Building Industry Association.

Please contact Baywest Manufacturing Inc at 1-888-832-8355 or email to info@baywest-mfg.com to learn more about our retail and wholesale log and timber frame products.