Our Mill

Our Mill

Occupied within 40 acre land, our 70,000 sqft mill is located in picturesque Tappen, British Columbia, Canada. This spectacular location provides us with excellent access to both the highest quality wood and world-class shipping facilities. Our mill employs woodcrafters who have built distinguished homes for markets around the world.

The four kiln chambers each have the capacity to dry 82,000 board feet of cants if filled to capacity. Our annual drying capacity of all chambers combined is 4.4 million board feet.

Our two Krusi machines process all of our machine log processing. If we operate three shifts on five days a week, we would have an annual capacity in excess of 1,000 homes. We also have a handcrafted/post and beam division with anywhere from 1 to 5 crews depending on orders.

We use a Hundegger K2 machine for timber frame processing as well as specialty items such as stairs and railings.

Baywest is proud that all drying, shaping and processing are done at our facility. We have a track record of supplying more than 7,500 quality homes on spec and on time.


3380 Ford Road
Tappen, BC V0E 2X2, Canada


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